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Florida Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid is a state funded program that provides financial coverage for Long Term Custodial Care. It is different from Medicare, as Medicare does not pay for Long Term Care. Medicare and Medicaid work together to cover the medical expenses of an individual for as long as those services are deemed necessary.

What Does Florida Long-Term Care Medicaid Pay For?

• Medical costs including co-pays
• Room and board for a Nursing Home or Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Center
• Cost of Care ranging from $1,400 – $1,750 per month, depending on the Assisted Living Facilities’ contract with Medicaid
• Home Health Aide up to 40 hours a week at home
• Costs for an Adult Day Care Center

Medicaid Benefits Provides Savings for You!

• Skilled Nursing Care and Rehabilitation or “Nursing Homes” Costs around $11,000/month. Medicaid Beneficiaries’ maximum payment or patient responsibility to the skilled nursing facility is their income. The beneficiary is able to keep $160 for their personal needs.
• Assisted Living Facilities costs range between $3,500 – $6,000 per month, depending on the facility.  Medicaid pays the participating Assisted Living Facility directly to cover the cost of the care, approximately $1,400 – $1,750 per month, depending on the Medicaid contract. The client is responsible to pay for the Room and Board charges.
•Home Based Services Cost approximatley $25/ hour for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  Medicaid can cover up to 40 hour/week in the home with approval, but averages 10- 20 hours per week.

Why Use a Professional Service?

Mistakes can be costly when navigating in this unfamiliar territory of applying for Medicaid Long Term Care.

The average Long-Term Care housing for custodial care costs over $100,000 per year and these costs are not covered by Medicare or other healthcare insurances. The Medicaid application process can be a slow and grueling undertaking dragging on for months before receiving an approval and you could end up with a partial approval or even a complete denial. These outcomes could potentially cost you thousands of dollars and If you are denied then you would be responsible to pay the nursing home privately for those lost months of coverage while you were residing in the healthcare facility.

Our Medicaid Specialists will:

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