Our Story

Backed by 30 Years of Experience Preparing and Filing Medicaid Applications to Benefit YOU!

Kathy Kestler, OTR/L, Senior Care Advocate, President.

Kathy Kestler founded Medicaid and More… in 2019 offering Senior Care Advocacy and personalized assistance for Medicaid applications. She noted that many of her clients were having difficulty navigating through our healthcare system and were also struggling with the Medicaid application process. These obstacles were causing clients long delays in receiving their necessary medical care and were putting the clients at high risk.

Fortunately, Long Term Community Care Medicaid benefits provide funding and offers access to healthcare services – such as, costly senior living facilities or for home health care services – that otherwise would not be financially available for many. Medicaid Application Processing and Senior Care Advocacy became Kathy’s mission- Helping Seniors navigate through the transitions of care within our healthcare system, assisting in acquiring financial benefits to receive the proper medical care, and enabling them to live their best life!

Kathy began her career in 1992 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio. She maintains her Florida License in Occupational Therapy specializing in Geriatrics. For the past 30 years Kathy has provided compassionate care to thousands of local families advocating for Senior’s healthcare needs, assessing the client’s Activities of Daily Living Skills, coordinating and assisting with transitions of care from one setting to the next, preparing and filing Medicaid Applications, performing Home Safety Assessments, assessing Cognition Levels, and providing clients with Community Resource Referrals to fill in the gaps of care.

Kathy’s vast diversity of experience includes working in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, home health, and out-patient clinics. She volunteers with various organizations such as Alzheimer’s Association and Parkinson’s Association, is the President of the Parkland Friends of the Library and attends health fairs and conferences as a guest speaker.

My Family! - My Inspirations!

Sylvia and Harry

My Grandparents

Barbara and Fred

My Parents

Edna and Joe

My Grandparents

Due to the close connections with her family, Kathy credits her parents and grandparents as being the guiding light that fueled her passion of wanting to help Seniors live their Best Lives.  She would be grateful for the opportunity to assist and support you and your family through this challenging time.