Roberta Caron

Roberta “Robbie” Caron

Roberta “Robbie” Caron works with her friendly colleagues at Medicaid and More team members to diligently serve the company’s clients.

A graduate of a New England college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Robbie has served in the healthcare industry for more than 35 years, including working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance companies as well as skilled nursing facilities in the eastern United States.

She discovered her passion for nursing facilities after her mother suffered a stroke and was confined to a facility until she passed away. This transformed her into becoming an advocate for the families of nursing home patients. She helps them in any way possible, from understanding the facility business practices to offering support by listening to their stories and concerns.

With Medicaid and More… Robbiesupports and assists families so their loved one’s can receive the medical care they deserve and need by processing long-term community care Medicaid applications and advocating on their behalf. She looks forward to assisting you with care and compassion, and to ensure that you receive the benefits that you need.