The challenges encountered during the Medicaid application process can add even more stress and pressure for the Senior and their family members during this already difficult time in their lives. When applying for Medicaid it is important that you have someone on your team who has prior knowledge and experience with the Medicaid application process and with the State’s rules and regulations. Don’t go on this journey alone, we are here to help!

Medicaid & More…, LLC was created for this purpose, to support Seniors and their family members so that they may experience SUCCESS INSTEAD OF STRESS during the Long-Term Care Medicaid application process. We can LIGHT YOUR PATH TO BENEFITS by compiling and filing the Medicaid application so that the Senior can gain access to the necessary medical care and benefits while experiencing relief from the financial burden of medical costs.

Our caring and compassionate approach along with our hand-held assist sets us apart from the others. We are here to guide you throughout the Medicaid application process to assist you in achieving your Long Term Care Medicaid approval to improve YOUR Overall Quality of Life!